Speaking – Can we learn it?

Speaking, as everyone reckons it to be a herculean task and most of them think they can crawl away out of challenges in life ever without having to tackle the monster of publically speaking.

They claim that their work would speak for itself and they don’t have to boast. Give me a break, please admit that the very thought of speaking to a crowd sends shivers on your spine and your body switches to “flight or fight” mode, and we usually chicken out of the challenge or come out of it feeling robbed, humiliated and deciding never to do such an embarrassing thing again in life.
But, is it really that tough?
Even the individuals all through the history who are regarded as the greatest orators have admitted to have been shy and hesitant, also trying to run away from speaking until they prepared to face they fears.
The key here is “prepare”. This is not a fight, or is it? Isn’t it an intellectual show of what you know and what society can benefit out of it?
Why should the ones you intend to be your audience listen to you? Do you have something to give? Is there a depth and passion in what you want to say – if yes, you are already through the step 1 of the process, write to me, I would help you take your passion of public speaking to the next level.
If you are the one who are still trying to figure out, you are not confident that the audience would honor you or respect you and all you are afraid of is what? A fake vanity that you would be embarrassed?

Oh, come on, there is nothing as embarrassment. You have to start somewhere, why not start in-front of a big group and fail rather than not starting at all.
There are a few advantages when you talk to a large group:
First: After your speech, you feel embarrassed, but you feel fearless for your next battle.
You have already spoken to a gathering of 50 people and no one shoed you (assuming no one does in our so called civil society) and you are out of that fear of getting embarrassed, since you know it would not kill you and you can live another day to take your chances with the crowd.
Second: You would have developed valuable insight of how your vocal chords pull themselves in for a first few seconds when you start to talk, if you prepared yourself beforehand, your brain kicks in and takes the control and there starts your fabulous journey as a speaker.
You will never learn swimming just be going through the warm up schedule off the pool or reading a book about it. I trust doing it and learning it, that’s how I learnt and that’s how I coach.

Remember, you can speak, we are evolved to speak in public, but only a small fear of society consciousness, sheep mentality keeps us from doing so.

If you want to be a public speaker, Orator of greater order in the likes of Mahatma Gandhi, Narendra Modi, Steve Jobs or Mohammad Ali, you have to start somewhere, just start, give it a head roll and your ambition of becoming a speaker would take control and you can achieve wonders in the way you communicate.


Passion – What is it?

Most highly spoken of by everybody but most confused word must be “Passion”.

Webster’s dictionary says passion means “the state or capacity of being acted on by external agents or forces” and “intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction” among many others. This is probably more varied than the UFO sightings reported.

So why is this word often as confused as it is today?

Part of the problem is the movies or the series. The lyric writer who uses the word in different scenarios often, from his point of view believes that the word is right and ignores the rift. It’s the actor who delivers it with so much “passion” that the word has taken up so many different forms. Like the Hindu god Mahavishnu who is supposed to have infinite manifestations. My comparison here may be wrong because the god does have manifestations but the word passion is often misquoted and misused.

So what exactly is passion?

The best definition one can five based on the modern useable of the term can be “an ardent affection towards an object of desire or immense interest” this just means “love towards what you love”. Now you can see why this word got into such a whirlwind of syntactical melancholy. Love towards something you love is as vague of act towards something you act.

Does this mean the word is misplaced, misused or over used. Should we think of this as wrong usage, infinite word abuse or the right to meaningfully interpret?

As always, we do in English, it’s best to believe that this word is in its infancy and would bear more meanings as the world goes by using and misusing the word.

In closing, I would like to argue, as with everything else, the words that are used today will be the conclusion of the most effective means of communication using that language in a specific way and nothing more than that.

Language is an interpreter’s asset and speakers prison

The lost habit

We all had that when our ancestors thrived and survived barely. Their goal was to survive without being a prey for a wild animal and eat anything that’s edible. They survived, they evolved and we are the resulted of such survivals.

But we, now, strive to perfect what we do. While it’s good to perfect what we do, it’s not good; in fact, it’s detrimental to our very survival to just concentrate on being perfect and not doing the action until we perfect it. That hesitation of DOING is what keeps most of us unproductive and away from what we always wanted to to.

It’s that simple really. Just doing what we always wanted to do, no matter how bad it is, no matter how far from perfect it is, just by doing it we can make it to a place where we have created something and learning as we do. That’s “Surviving and evolving” in what we wanted to do.

Perfection kills evolution

Perfection is the enemy of action

The saying would make no sense and would enrage a few who think they are perfectionists. But in true sense, if you were to give it a thought you would understand the meaning behind words that form title.

Take a small task for example, writing a blog. If you wait till you perfect the art of writing, it would take forever since you always feel you could have done better and not even a single blog can be released. Now consider just writing and publishing the blogs and improving as you wrote. A little in every blog. Finally by the time you reach a 100 or a 200 article, you would have been better, way better than what you were when you started.

The antidote here is to just doing it. JUST DO IT should be your mantra. Make this your mission and good enough is better than perfect or the best. Understand this – you can never be perfect but that should never stop you from doing what you want. Just by doing it, no matter how crappy you are in it! Will raise your confidence and increase your skill in doing that.

So remember – JUST DO IT

Team day out KHEDDA Resort Bangalore

[Watch the above short movie for a glimpse of the our day out]

It was a hot day, as we walked in, a muddy dilapidated bridge welcomed us. The first signs were not so inspiring and we let go of any hope of having a good time. Little did we know that all this would soon change.

As we continued, first was the lunch. The other teams had already arrived and made themselves home with some adventure activities. Lunch was surprisingly good. Our low hopes probably had a factor in this. Nevertheless, we enjoyed and started feeling good about the resort.

All of sudden, the hot and dry winds turned to sweet cool breeze. We wanted to explore a little and thus we walked. Riding of quad bikes was good; some faltered and some totally took control of that monster bike. As the last rides were in progress, we set foot towards the swimming pool. Few of us plunged in that chlorine heaven while others played badminton and cricket. For those that stayed in pool, it was a sinful indulgence. None of us decided to leave the pool until after 3 full hours and the dusk set in.

Thus went a marvellous day, started with a dry uninteresting moment but soon turned to one of the best team outings that we have ever had.

Thank you for all the team members for making it.

Thank you for CPQ management team for making it happen.

Venkatesh Sathyasrinivas

Don’t care

There are times in life when you feel people disrespect you and you still move on because they are not important to you!

Next step comes when people important to you start treating you like dirt. What to do then? Have you ever been in this situation?

If you have been you know, there are only two possible outcomes from this – go into depression or stop caring about them. Which one do you think you are?

If you are being disrespected by people you feel are near and dear to you, they are your first circle in the family and find a reason to constantly disrespect you and your acts, your efforts to make them happy and colour those efforts with a contrary shade and claim you are committing more harm to them than good?

What would you do? I know it hurts but this is the question, the answer to which decides what you would be in life! How would you manage the emotional sh*t when your family hands them over to you, again and again.

Develop a thick skin attitude my comrades, that’s the only way out.

This article has a different structure than I usually write and that’s because this is a different type of article altogether; articulating something as complex as this has to have multiple manifestations and multiple thought shots.

Let me know what you feel about this article and it’s content with respect to its structure.

Don’t care, don’t worry and don’t blame yourself

Show up every day

Ever wondered how all these successful people that we read, hear and see about are successful?

I am sure they are no “overnight” successes. Everyone of them toiled while we wasted our time on entertainment and relaxation.

When they started whatever they have mastered or are famous for, they didn’t have any support neither did they have an audience. No return on their investment at that point in time, but they chose to do it every day; every single day they burnt themselves out even though no one forced them, no one paid them or no one pushed them. They showed up every single day.

They didn’t take holidays and vacations. It’s only for sissy’s who are not serious enough to think and act their thought. Motivate yourself; ACT. Action is the only weapon that has the potential to get you from Point A to Point B.

Action is your best friend and toughest enemy. So take action.

Work harder

Watch my video on the same topic:


Starting with motivation and inspiration on video and social networks? I am sure the first thing you encounter is: Live your Dream and the next is Follow your heart. These go on to take further detailed deviations.

But have you ever thought what motivates you? Do you like the same things that those who motivate you like? It’s true that they have a life experience that you or me don’t have yet. But is it not that life experience that made them what they are? I am in no way saying not to look up for motivation! But my point is, your life is motivating by itself when you look at what you achieve everyday.

By constant supervision of your life, you drive it through in a better way rather than letting it sail as it likes. Take control of your life! Your real life scenarios will motivate you to do more and better than what you did over the yester-years and yester-days. Your life is the only true benchmark which you can compare to and progress more, achieve more and be contented once you make the dx/dt a positive number. (Work with respect to time is positive means you are working)

Just work harder than the person next to you, it will never fail you.

Push yourself

Long long ago, so long ago that nobody knew how long ago! We still faced similar challenges.

Yes, that’s true! I don’t say that challenge was that your spouse would be willing to leave you or your social life sucks in spite of having a ton of virtual “friends” or not even getting a promotion and hitting deadlines consistently.

But! They were similar! Any enemy tribe coming in search of food, taking away your food and mate (synonymous to your sucking social status and spouse leaving you) and the pressure of hunting food everyday and getting it back to your group which is synonymous to hitting deadlines or stretching yourself for promotion.

We have to learn one single force that we tend to forget often, don’t play the victim card – PUSH YOURSELF.

This is probably the most forgotten by most of us. We humans have forgotten to push ourself and crave only for instant gratification. This is very relevant to those of us who use virtual social means and internet to get the gratification. For others, it’s alcohol or drugs.

Get out of all that, push yourself towards what you are committed to! The magic starts to happen.

Don’t wait for approval and instant gratification. Just commit to achieve what you want and forget the rest.